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Support for Ontario's Commitment to Strengthen Smoke- Free Ontario Act

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Support for Ontario's Commitment to Strengthen Smoke- Free Ontario Act

Ministry of Health

"There have been two signature moments to date in Ontario's efforts to reduce the epidemic of disease and death caused by tobacco industry products: the 1994 passage of the Tobacco Control Act and the 2004 passage of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. Passage by the Legislature of this proposed bill would be the third signature moment. The Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco congratulates Minister Matthews and Premier Wynne for taking yet another crucial step toward the creation of a smoke-free, tobacco-free generation of Ontarians."

-- Michael Perley, Director, Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco

"Ontario's doctors wholeheartedly support the Ministry's initiatives to protect Ontarians, particularly our children, and reduce tobacco exposure for all Ontarians, and we congratulate the province for taking these critical steps.  It's obvious that flavoured tobacco is aimed at youth. That's why these measures are so badly needed, and it's why we've long championed anti-smoking measures, especially those that stop young people from starting to smoke. If you are a smoker, quitting is the single best thing you can do for your health. See your doctor today for help."

-- Dr. Scott Wooder, President, Ontario Medical Association

"We applaud the Ontario government for taking action to strengthen the Smoke-Free Ontario Act through landmark legislation and proposed regulatory changes designed to protect children and youth from the deadly effects of tobacco use. Banning the sale of flavoured tobacco products and smoking on all patios will help put a stop to a duplicitous industry bent on targeting our children and youth to smoke through any loophole possible. This comprehensive legislative package will go a long way towards helping Ontarians live healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke."

-- Mark Holland, Director of Children and Youth, Heart and Stroke Foundation

"The Canadian Cancer Society strongly supports policies that prevent cancer. The Government of Ontario's proposed measures to strengthen the Smoke-Free Ontario Act will reduce smoking among youth and reduce the many ways in which tobacco companies are able to promote their products among youth. Tobacco use kills.  We must not sit idle while the tobacco industry addicts more and more people. We congratulate the Government of Ontario for this courageous legislation that puts the health of Ontarians first." 

-- Rowena Pinto, Vice President, Public Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division.

"The Ontario Lung Association welcomes the measures to strengthen the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. The government is addressing major gaps in regulations to protect young people, and all Ontarians, from becoming addicted to tobacco, the number one cause of preventable illness and death in our province."

-- George Habib, Ontario Lung Association President and CEO

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