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Indigenous Health Investments to Focus on Four Priority Areas

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Indigenous Health Investments to Focus on Four Priority Areas

Ministry of Health

Ontario's First Nations Health Action Plan will target investments in four key areas: primary care, public health and health promotion, seniors care and hospital services, and life promotion and crisis support.  

While focused on the North, the plan also includes opportunities for investments in Indigenous health care across Ontario. The province will continue to work with Indigenous partners on key areas such as home and community care, primary care and diabetes prevention and management to ensure that investments are appropriate and effective.

Primary Care

  • Investing $72.2 million over three years and $37.4 million ongoing.
  • Increase physician services by 2,641 days for the 28 First Nations communities in the Sioux Lookout region.
  • Establish a new, culturally appropriate primary health care team in the Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority (SLFNHA).
  • Work with partners to establish up to 10 new or expanded primary care teams that include traditional healing, serving Indigenous communities across Ontario.
  • Deliver Indigenous cultural competency training to front-line health care workers who work with First Nation communities.

Public Health and Health Promotion

  • Investing $44.1 million over three years and $21.3 million ongoing.
  • Support the Sioux Lookout First Nations Health Authority's "Approaches to Community Wellbeing" public health model. This includes:
    • The appointment of an Associate Medical Officer of Health dedicated to Indigenous health in the SLFNHA region.
    • Increasing public health nursing, planning and service capacity to SLFNHA and surrounding communities to support an integrated, sustainable and community-owned approach to well-being.
    • Supporting communities to develop more robust community health assessments and monitoring and improve the collection of population health data across Northern Ontario to ensure public health services are targeted to specific needs.
  • Expand the current Northern Fruit and Vegetable Program to four additional public health regions to provide access to fresh fruits and vegetables for approximately 13,000 more Indigenous children in northern and remote communities.
  • Work with Indigenous partners to review and address gaps in diabetes services, to focus on better prevention and management across Ontario.

Seniors Care and Hospital Services

  • Investing $45.3 million over three years and $20.8 million ongoing.
  • $1 million for hospital beds for seniors at the Meno Ya Win Health Centre to help deliver seniors care closer to home and a capital planning grant to support the development of a senior's care plan in the North. 
  • Funding to the Weeneebayko Area Health Authority for capital planning and a commitment from the province to help this hospital establish long term financial stability.
  • Designated funding to work with Indigenous partners to expand home and community care services for Indigenous communities across the province, including on-reserve.    

Life Promotion and Crisis Support

  • Investing $60.0 million over three years and $25.0 million ongoing.
  • Expand supports, including trauma response teams, suicide prevention training, youth recreation/cultural programs and mental health workers in schools, to help communities prevent crisis or manage a crisis should they experience one.
  • Expand access to telemedicine to help connect individuals in crisis with appropriate clinical supports.

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