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Changes to the Hospital Naming Directive


Changes to the Hospital Naming Directive

Ministry of Health

Along with government funding, philanthropic donations are a key way that hospital foundations in Ontario and around the world secure the necessary capital to fund major upgrades and development. 

To help hospitals secure donations, the government is updating the hospital naming directive so that hospitals in Ontario are no longer required to obtain approval from the Minister of Health prior to adopting new corporate or business names. To ensure that any changes to corporate or business names respect the interests of local communities, the ministry is providing hospitals with expectations related to hospital naming activities. These include the following:

  • Each hospital should have in place a naming policy to ensure a consistent approach to the adoption of corporate and business names.
  • Meaningful consultation with stakeholders and the community concerning the adoption of a proposed name is an essential step in determining whether to adopt a new corporate or business name.
  • A hospital corporation and business names are valuable assets to the hospital and community. A decision to adopt a new corporate or business name in recognition of philanthropy should be made where the level of philanthropy corresponds with the value of that asset.
  • Any agreement concerning the adoption of a corporation or business name should not include a contractual term to the effect that a hospital will use a name indefinitely.
  • Hospitals will continue to provide the ministry with notice of the anticipated adoption of a new corporate or business name.

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