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Revitalizing Union Station in Toronto

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Revitalizing Union Station in Toronto

Ministry of Infrastructure

Infrastructure investment stimulates economic growth, creates jobs, supports stronger communities and enhances the overall prosperity of Ontarians.

The revitalization of Union Station in downtown Toronto is a federal and provincial priority investment.

Union Station is Canada's busiest rail passenger facility, handling as many as 65 million passengers annually, and this is expected to grow substantially in future, along with expanded commuter rail and other services.

The revitalization of Union Station will integrate upgrades to help improve the delivery of national and regional rail passenger services, including:

  • Enhanced pedestrian concourses to improve traffic flow;
  • Increase capacity for retail services;
  • Renovations to the west wing; and
  • Restoration of certain heritage aspects of the building.

The Government of Canada is setting aside one-third of total eligible project costs, up to a maximum of $133 million, toward the revitalization of Union Station.

The Government of Ontario is contributing $172 million to the revitalization, including:

  • $92 million to purchase and significantly rebuild the current GO Transit concourse at Bay Street and link it to a new GO concourse to be constructed at York Street. This will triple the concourse space from 39,000 square feet to 122,000 square feet, vastly improving pedestrian flow as well as accessibility.
  • $33 million towards the construction of a PATH connection under York Street to join the northwest corner of Union Station to Wellington Street improving the link to downtown Toronto with connections to existing buildings along the route.
  • $47 million to purchase and restore the upper three levels of the west wing, and prepare the space for the relocation of Metrolinx's head office. This also includes $20 million for heritage restoration of the main building itself.

The total estimated cost for the revitalization of Union Station is approximately $640 million.

Metrolinx, the regional transportation authority, has identified Union Station and its expansion as one of the key priorities in its Regional Transportation Plan for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

This revitalization of Union Station comes on top of significant commitments investments made in 2009 to transit in the region that have already been made by Canada and Ontario. See chart below.

Federal-Provincial Transit Commitments


Federal Contribution

Provincial Contribution

Total Project Cost

GO Transit Improvements

$250 million

$250 million

$500 million

Toronto - York Spadina Subway Extension

$697 million

$870 million

$2.63 billion

Sheppard East Light Rail Transit Line

$317 million

$633 million

$950 million

In addition, the Government of Ontario recently announced $416 million for new street cars in Toronto, as part of a $1.3 billion plan to improve public transit by overhauling to city's fleet.

Federal financial support for revitalization of Union Station is conditional on the project meeting all applicable eligibility and approval requirements under the Government of Canada's infrastructure plan and on the signing of a contribution agreement with the City of Toronto.

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