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Northern Residents Support Vision of Proposed Growth Plan

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Northern Residents Support Vision of Proposed Growth Plan

Ministry of Infrastructure

The vision for the North's future laid out in the Proposed Growth Plan for Northern Ontario is supported by a variety of northerners, including:


"The Proposed Growth Plan should help maintain Northern Ontario's place as a world leader in mining. Supporting the necessary training, technology, infrastructure and investments, help bring products and new mineral discoveries to market faster, and in a way that is easier on the environment."

Chris Hodgson, President, Ontario Mining Association


"These are challenging times for the Northern economy generally and for the forest products sector in particular. The fact that the province has focused on the industry, as evidenced by today's announcement, is a recognition of both the need to support the existing basic forest products industry and the opportunity to pursue parallel initiatives for tomorrow. It is also a recognition of the need to ensure a long term, stable and assured supply of economic fibre for the basic industry of today, as well as other forest based opportunities that may emerge. We look forward to working with the Minister and his officials on the next stage of this mission."

John Valley, Executive Vice President, Tembec


"The world is going green, and Northern Ontario is well positioned to be in the forefront of this global movement. As a natural extension of our forestry and agricultural industries, we have all of the resources necessary to make it happen but we need a strategic approach to get us there. The Proposed Plan lays the foundation for what will become a flourishing industry, and establishes Northern Ontario as a world-leader."

Lorne Morrow, CEO, Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy

Training and Education

"This comprehensive Proposed Growth Plan for the North is the dawn of a new era for Northern Ontario. I'm excited to see that, as a result of the long-term vision of the provincial government, the people, businesses and communities in the North have a foundation to be able to realize their dreams and their potential in the global world."

Patricia Lang, President of Confederation College

Northern Communities

"A great deal of thinking has gone into the Proposed Growth Plan. The Province and many passionate Northerners have to be congratulated for this landmark blueprint to advance the aspirations and talents of northerners. It is a major step forward in realizing our place in the global economy."

Mac Bain, President, Federation of Northeastern Ontario Municipalities

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