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Improving Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure In Kirkland Lake

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Improving Wastewater Treatment Infrastructure In Kirkland Lake

Ministry of Infrastructure

Infrastructure investment stimulates economic growth, creates jobs, supports stronger communities and enhances the overall prosperity of Ontarians.

This project involves the design and construction of a new wastewater treatment facility in Kirkland Lake to help reduce the amount of municipal wastewater pollution. The project will replace an old sewage treatment plant in need of repair.  The new plant will provide a better effluent quality, which will help to preserve the environment around Murdock Creek and Blanche River.  

Total costs for this project are estimated at nearly $35.5 million. The Government of Canada will provide up to $16 million for this project through the Green Infrastructure Fund.  The Government of Ontario will contribute up to $16 million, bringing the joint maximum federal-provincial investment for this project up to $32 million.

Federal and provincial contributions for this wastewater project are conditional on the successful completion of federal and provincial due diligence reviews, including the analysis of the project business case, and on the successful negotiation of a contribution agreement.

About the Green Infrastructure Fund (GIF)

Through Canada's Economic Action Plan, the federal government will provide $1 billion over five years for the new Green Infrastructure Fund. The 2009 Ontario Budget, Confronting the Challenge:  Building Our Economic Future includes $390 million for Green Infrastructure Fund projects.  So far, more than $134 million has been allocated to seven wastewater projects in Ontario.

Eligible projects are those that promote cleaner air, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and cleaner water, and fall within any of the following categories: wastewater infrastructure; green energy generation infrastructure; green energy transmission infrastructure and solid waste infrastructure, and carbon transmission and storage infrastructure.



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