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Ontario Releases Long-Term Infrastructure Plan

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Ontario Releases Long-Term Infrastructure Plan

McGuinty Government Investing In Infrastructure To Create Jobs, Boost Economy

Ministry of Infrastructure

Ontario has released Building Together, a long-term infrastructure plan that will create jobs, strengthen the economy and help communities of all sizes meet the needs of local families.

The plan includes investments in:

  • Modern and efficient hospitals that support the needs of our aging population
  • Reliable and affordable public transit that helps people move around faster
  • Innovative post-secondary institutions that offer students the skills training and education they need to compete in the global economy
  • Highways, especially in high density areas, for faster and more efficient transport of goods
  • Local roads and bridges that are safe and in good repair, helping Ontarians travel to work and home
  • Improved access to high-quality social services in communities.

Strategic investments in these areas will ensure that Ontario remains competitive in the global economy and will help to meet the needs of Ontarians as the population grows, ages and diversifies.

Building Together will also make sure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. Investments will be targeted to key modern infrastructure projects that improve the quality of life for Ontario families.

Quick Facts

  • The plan builds on the McGuinty Government's unprecedented infrastructure investments to date with investments of more than $35 billion over the next three years, to create and protect over 300,000 jobs as laid out in the 2011 Budget.
  • Since 2003, the government has invested $62 billion in infrastructure.
  • Ontario's world renowned agency Infrastructure Ontario will now have an expanded role to help deliver Ontario's infrastructure priorities.

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“This plan continues to build on the province's infrastructure investments by providing us with a road map for the next decade. We know that infrastructure is an asset worth investing in and maintaining for the good of everyone.”

Bob Chiarelli

Minister of Infrastructure

“A 10-Year Plan setting out the Government's priorities allows contractors to effectively plan their capital investments in plant, equipment and materials. It helps to ensure that a well-trained workforce is available when it is needed.”

Rob Bradford

Executive Director, Ontario Road Builders' Association

“The McGuinty Government's unprecedented infrastructure investments over the past few years have kept Ontario's general contractors working and creating jobs for Ontarians. With the Building Together plan, the government is clearly recognizing the value of infrastructure as a long term investment in the economy and the future of Ontario.”

Clive Thurston

President, Ontario General Contractors Association

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