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Support for Growth in the Simcoe Area

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Support for Growth in the Simcoe Area

Ministry of Infrastructure

Ontario is helping to ensure that families in the Simcoe area benefit from future growth with good jobs, strong communities and a healthy environment. Here's what people have to say about the amended Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

"The Town is pleased to see the amendment moving forward. The Minister and Provincial Facilitator should be commended as they have truly listened to a variety of concerns raised by municipalities and groups. The amendment provides certainty for municipal and private sector investment and will lead to economic growth and jobs."
--Mike MacEachern, Mayor, New Tecumseth

"Our members work in every aspect of the construction industry including residential, sewer and watermain, road construction, bridge building, pipeline, railroads and utilities to name a few. We have helped make this strong province the vibrant and beautiful place that we all call home. We congratulate the Minister and the McGuinty government for their vision of a 'made in Simcoe' solution that manages growth and protects the environment."
--Jack Oliveira, Local 183 of the Labourers' International Union of North America

"The 'Simcoe Vision' outlined by Infrastructure Minister Bob Chiarelli, displays both economic and environmental foresight; it calls for local solutions, supports job creation, increases planning certainty and will lead to improvements in the quality of life in Simcoe. The development of new local employment lands mean people can live closer to where they work and reduce the need for 'polluting commuting.' At the same time, the vision encourages Simcoe, Barrie and Orillia to approve sustainable development that makes sense for their communities
--Brian Spence, Director, Strathallen Capital

"The efforts to ensure a 'made-in-Simcoe' solution to growth in our area are to be commended. We share with our neighbours a desire to see Simcoe County and Barrie grow in a way that reflects our common vision for responsible, balanced growth. This revised plan will help unlock jobs and economic growth in Simcoe County."
-- Jeff Lehman, Mayor of Barrie

"We would like to see the regional Simcoe economy do better and we think that it can and will with the new stability and certainty provided by well-planned and managed growth. We support the "Simcoe Vision" outlined by Infrastructure Minister Bob Chiarelli. We think it will spur economic growth, create jobs and offer a responsible, sustainable "made-in-Simcoe" community-building."
--Scott Elliott, CEO, Sarjeant Company

"We currently have a fleet of 400 school buses, vans, highway coaches and limousines, and a staff of 400 people. Both are going to increase in response to the planned growth of Simcoe, Barrie and Orillia. We carry more than 12,000 people a day and our main office in Barrie is the hub for our operations. We are looking forward to responding to the planned and managed growth that the province envisions coming to Simcoe over the next few years."
--Barb Sinton, Sinton Transportation

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