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Realty Transformation Plan

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Realty Transformation Plan

Ministry of Infrastructure

Ontario is modernizing the way it manages its office space across the province to save money and free up resources for what matters to Ontario families -- health care and education.


In Toronto, the Province intends to relocate public servants from multiple buildings across the city where the government is paying high lease rates and the office space per person is larger than the private sector average.

Selling and Lease back of Government-Owned Buildings

Through its agency, Infrastructure Ontario, the Province intends to sell and lease back the following eight buildings in 2013-2014 through an open, fair and competitive process that ensures the best value for Ontarians:

  • Guelph: 1 Stone Road West
  • North Bay: 200 First Avenue West
  • Oshawa: 33 King Street (Michael Starr Building)
  • Peterborough: 300 Water Street (Robinson Place)
  • St. Catharines: 301 St. Paul Street (Garden City Tower)
  • Sudbury: 159 Cedar Street
  • Thunder Bay: 189 Red River Road
  • Toronto: 222 Jarvis Street

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