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Ontario Completes Ottawa Courthouse Green Roof

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Ontario Completes Ottawa Courthouse Green Roof

McGuinty Government Greening Environment, Saving Energy

Ministry of Infrastructure

A new green roof at the Ottawa Courthouse will reduce energy costs, improve air quality and help Ontario meet its long-term energy conservation goals.

The Ottawa Courthouse's green roof is a living landscape that supports 60 varieties of plants and protects the building's structure from the elements. There are 26 separate green roofs spanning multiple elevations, for a total of 70,000 square feet of green space that will help keep Ottawa's air clean.

While a conventional roof lasts only 20 to 25 years, green roofs last at least twice as long. The new green roof will save $23,000 a year in energy costs by reducing summer cooling and winter heat loss by 26 per cent.

Investing in infrastructure is part of the McGuinty government's plan to create jobs for Ontarians and strengthen the economy. A strong economy protects the services that mean the most to families - health care and education.

Quick Facts

  • The Ottawa Courthouse green roof project supported about 85 jobs.
  • The roof's green space is bigger than four hockey rinks put together, or one football field.
  • Since 2003, Ontario has invested more than $75 billion in public infrastructure, including roads, schools, hospitals and courthouses.

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“Our government is proud to support this innovative project, which will save energy costs and benefit our community's environment. The green roof demonstrates Ontario's strong commitment to supporting Ottawa's local infrastructure and economic growth.”

Bob Chiarelli

Minister of Infrastructure, Minister of Transportation

“I am proud that our community is home to this vibrant project. The Ottawa Courthouse green roof provides a unique environment that will reduce the building's heating and cooling requirements, better control storm water run-off, while helping to clean the air we breathe.”

Yasir Naqvi

MPP for Ottawa Centre

“The green roofs at the Ottawa Courthouse are innovative and environmentally sound, providing attractive outdoor spaces for courthouse occupants.”

John Gerretsen

Attorney General

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