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Strengthening Long-term Infrastructure Planning

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Strengthening Long-term Infrastructure Planning

Ontario Committed to Building the Right Infrastructure to Grow the Economy

Ministry of Infrastructure

Ontario is proposing legislation that, if passed, would support long-term strategic infrastructure planning to build a stronger economy that supports more jobs and apprenticeship opportunities.

If passed, the proposed Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act would require the province to regularly table a long-term infrastructure plan in the legislature covering a period of at least 10 years. The proposed act also includes guiding principles to help planning align with demographic and economic trends to maximize the value of provincial infrastructure investments and promote innovation, competitiveness, and job creation and training.

Recognizing the province's need for skilled trade workers, the proposed legislation would also require the government to involve apprentices in the construction of certain provincial infrastructure projects.

Strengthening communities by supporting strategic growth is part of the Ontario government's plan to invest in people, build modern infrastructure, and support a dynamic and innovative business climate.

Quick Facts

  • If passed, the act would require the first long-term infrastructure plan to be tabled in the legislature within three years, with following plans tabled every five years.
  • The government has committed to invest more than $35 billion in infrastructure across Ontario over the next three years, which will support more than 100,000 jobs on average each year.
  • Many of the principles contained in the province’s long-term infrastructure plan, Building Together, are reflected in the proposed legislation.
  • Since 2003, the province has invested more than $85 billion in all public infrastructure.

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“We are investing $35 billion over three years in infrastructure that will benefit all Ontarians. This proposed legislation leverages the best possible economic, cultural and environmental outcomes from the province’s infrastructure investments.”

Glen Murray

Minister of Infrastructure and Minister of Transportation

“The proposed legislation delivers a tremendously positive signal to the industry about the Ontario government's long-term commitment to building projects.”

Bert Clark

President and CEO, Infrastructure Ontario

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