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What People Are Saying About the Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act

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What People Are Saying About the Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act

Ministry of Infrastructure

"Infrastructure planning with a long-term view provides greater stability and enables better long-term planning and greater investment. Workers, contractors and all Ontarians will benefit from the proposed legislation, which will ensure that governments will maintain a strategic and transparent approach to tackling the province's infrastructure deficit, giving Ontario's economy the solid foundation that's needed for growth."
-- Sean W. Strickland, CEO, Ontario Construction Secretariat

“The proposed legislation provides an important framework for the implementation of thoughtful and well-designed infrastructure across the province. The proposed integration of infrastructure planning and delivery with issues of ecology, city building, architectural excellence, conserving heritage architecture, cultural landscapes, user experience and community health lays the foundation for Ontario meeting the global challenges of sustainability, resiliency and prosperity in the years to come.”
-- Michael McClelland, ERA Architects, Toronto

“We have long called for more efforts from the provincial government to require contractors who bid on provincial work to reach out to youth and other underemployed groups in our society to get them involved in the trades. The sections of this proposed legislation that speak to more apprenticeships through provincial infrastructure projects are very encouraging for Ontario’s construction industry.”
-- Patrick Dillon, Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario

“Today’s proposed legislation will help ensure that the province’s investments in building and renewing Ontario’s infrastructure bring real benefit to our economy. This is a long-term investment in jobs, training, and the future of Ontario. It’s a process that started with the Ontario government’s long-term infrastructure plan Building Together, and it continues with this legislation."
-- Clive Thurston, President, Ontario General Contractors Association

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