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Top 10 Things to Know

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Top 10 Things to Know

Ministry of Infrastructure

People across Ontario rely on public infrastructure every day - from the roads, bridges and public transit they use to get to and from work, to the schools children learn and play in.

Building Better Lives: Ontario's Long-Term Infrastructure Plan 2017 details how the government will continue to build Ontario up through investments in hospitals, schools, public transit, roads and bridges across the province.

Here are the top takeaways:

Ontario is:

  1. Making the largest investment in hospitals, schools, public transit, roads and bridges in the province's history - about $190 billion over 13 years, starting in 2014-15.
  2. Developing a new Community Benefits Framework to ensure that communities benefit from new infrastructure projects during their development. This includes things such as advancing local job creation and training opportunities, improving public spaces or other priorities identified by local communities.
  3. Expanding broadband infrastructure and improving connectivity in Northern, rural and urban communities. This will include developing a broadband strategy that will outline a vision for increased connectivity.
  4. Integrating climate change considerations into infrastructure planning to ensure environmental sustainability through a phased life-cycle assessment approach for major infrastructure projects.
  5. Developing a Social Purpose Real Estate Strategy that embeds community and social needs into government decision making when it comes to surplus properties and infrastructure planning.
  6. Releasing the province's first-ever asset inventory that includes a description of the condition, age and value of Ontario's assets by sector.
  7. Supporting 125,000 jobs each year on average through its investments and helping create vibrant, sustainable communities where families and businesses can thrive.
  8. Informing Ontarians about new infrastructure being built in their neighbourhoods. The BuildON map is a sample of over 3,500 key projects happening in Ontario. Projects will be added to the map and updated on an ongoing basis.
  9. Improving infrastructure planning and delivery to ensure that our infrastructure is resilient and substantive in an era of accelerated change and disruptive technologies.
  10. Allocating up to $400 million this year from the Trillium Trust to support investments in public transit, transportation and other priority infrastructure projects.

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