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Ontario Government Nominates 10 London Transit Projects to the Federal Government for Funding


Ontario Government Nominates 10 London Transit Projects to the Federal Government for Funding

Ministry of Infrastructure

The Ontario Government is investing up to $103.5 million in London transit infrastructure projects under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP). These projects will reduce congestion, improve commutes, connect neighbourhoods and businesses, and people to jobs. 10 projects have been forwarded to the Federal Government for final funding approval: 

Project Name

Project Description

Provincial Funding ($M)

East London Link

  • Reconstruct 6.3 km of road
  • Install transit stations
  • Widen Highbury Bridge, Highbury Avenue and Oxford Street
  • Install intelligent traffic signals

$ 34.7

Wellington Gateway

  • Reconstruct 6.8 km of road, including road widening and installing intelligent traffic signals
  • Construction of park-and-ride facility near Highway 401
  • New transit stations and widening of the bridge over the Thames River

$ 31.8

Downtown Loop

  • Road reconstruction
  • Improve streetscape
  • Install transit stations
  • Install intelligent traffic signals

$ 9.4

Expansion Buses

  • Purchase and commission 31 expansion buses, which will be a mix of 40' and 60' diesel buses

$ 8.4

Intelligent Traffic Signals

  • Upgrade to a high-bandwidth intersection communication network
  • Upgrade traffic signal management system
  • Build a transportation management centre

$ 6.5

Adelaide Street Underpass Active Transportation Connections

  • Construct multi-use paths on both sides of the road in conjunction with a new railway underpass

$ 5.3

Oxford Street/ Wharncliffe Road Intersection Improvements

  • Major intersection improvements, including road widening

$ 2.9

Dundas Street Old East Village Streetscape Improvements

  • Add new urban design elements to improve the streetscape, including wider boulevards, more trees, active transportation amenities and improved street lighting

$ 2.7

Dundas Place Thames Valley Parkway Active Transportation Connection

  • Reconstruct a section of Dundas Street, including new urban streetscape elements and signage improvements

$ 1.3

Bus Stop Amenities

  • Purchase and install 60 bus shelters, which include solar-powered lighting and benches
  • Purchase and install 150 solar-powered lights at bus stops throughout the city

$ 0.4

Note: Financials have been rounded.

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