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Supportive Quotes for Ontario's Broadband and Cellular Action Plan


Supportive Quotes for Ontario's Broadband and Cellular Action Plan

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"Dedicated investment in broadband and cellular networks is good progress. People need to be connected to participate in today's economy - broadband is a key part of Ontario's infrastructure, especially for the many rural and northern communities that lag behind urban centres."
- Jamie McGarvey, President, Association of Municipalities of Ontario

"Bell continues to expand our broadband network reach in Ontario, including with the innovative Wireless Home Internet service that is bringing high-speed Internet to smaller towns and rural locations throughout the province. We look forward to working with the Government of Ontario to extend broadband communications access to even more communities." 
- Stephen Howe, Chief Technology Officer, Bell Canada

"Broadband and cellular infrastructure are very important to the Ontario Chamber Network. We are pleased to see the Ontario government partner with the private sector, which has already invested heavily to expand broadband and cellular service across the province, to move forward on this file." 
- Rocco Rossi, President and CEO, Ontario Chamber of Commerce

"Reliable high-speed internet is vital to the success of our farms and the well-being of families across Ontario. For too long it hasn't been available. The OFA applauds the Ontario government for making this and any other announcement that helps solve this problem." 
- Keith Currie, President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

"We are pleased the Ontario Government has announced its plan to help expand broadband and cellular access to rural, remote and northern Ontario communities and welcome its commitment to invest $315 million over five years to focus on expanded access for unserved and underserved communities. We agree that there is a need to identify and remove regulatory red tape to encourage private sector and community-led investment and to align broadband expansion programs across all levels of government. We are particularly pleased that the Ontario Government recognizes that its high hydro pole attachment rates create a financial barrier to broadband expansion in the province and that it is therefore committing to review those rates to optimize connectivity and private sector investment. This is a matter we, and others, have asked the Ontario Government to address on many occasions."
- Jay Thomson, CEO, Canadian Communication Systems Alliance

"Xplornet fights for rural Canadians. As Canada's national champion of rural broadband,  we're pleased to see Ontario make improving rural internet a major priority. Today's commitments will make a real difference for rural Ontarians, making rural communities open for business and ready to create jobs."
- James Maunder VP, Public Affairs and Communications, Xplornet Communications Inc.

"At TIAO we applaud this important announcement of $315 million invested to expand internet and cellular service across rural, northern, and remote areas of Ontario. We recognize the significance of providing greater connectivity to all those who live and travel across the province. This long term investment will enable the Ontario tourism industry to continue to expand, increase international visitation, and drive the economy in every region of the province." 
- Beth Potter, President and CEO, Tourism Industry Association of Ontario

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