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Canada and Ontario invest in greener Brantford with modern public transit infrastructure


Canada and Ontario invest in greener Brantford with modern public transit infrastructure

Ministry of Infrastructure

Joint federal, provincial, and municipal funding through the Investing in Canada infrastructure plan will support four public transit projects in Brantford. These investments will support better connected and more sustainable communities.

The Government of Canada is investing more than $5.5 million in these projects through the Public Transit Infrastructure Stream (PTIS). The Government of Ontario is contributing more than $4.6 million, while the municipality is contributing more than $3.7 million.

Project Information:

Project NameProject DetailsFederal FundingProvincial FundingMunicipal / Other Funding

Conventional and Specialized Bus Procurement

The purchase of 21 new buses, 13 conventional and 8 para-transit buses, will replace the retiring bus fleet and will offer public transit users a higher quality experience by reducing maintenance and fuel costs and providing more safety and accessibility.




Replacement of On Board Equipment on Conventional and Specialized Buses

Installing 31 new fareboxes with smart card technology on buses and upgrades to the automatic vehicle location and call-out system will allow for better ridership monitoring and a higher quality experience for public transit users.




Bus Pad and Shelter Replacement

Replacing or upgrading bus pads and replacing bus shelters will see public transit users benefit from fully accessible shelters that improve the safety and overall experience of passengers.




Transit Maintenance Facility Upgrades

Upgrades to the transit maintenance facility, which include the replacement of two transit hoists, improvements to the bus wash system, and new fuel pumps, will lessen maintenance delays and offer public transit users a more efficient service.




*The federal and provincial governments are each contributing the maximum share of eligible costs for these projects, which are 40% and 33.33% respectively as per the requirements of the Canada-Ontario Integrated Bilateral Agreement. Contributions from municipalities may include both eligible and ineligible costs. Ineligible costs are expenditures that municipalities have chosen not to request reimbursement for or that cannot be reimbursed (e.g., property purchases, overhead costs).