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Canada and Ontario invest in roads and bridges in rural communities in Western Ontario


Canada and Ontario invest in roads and bridges in rural communities in Western Ontario

Ministry of Infrastructure

Joint federal, provincial, municipal, and First Nation funding through the Investing in Canada infrastructure planwill support 11 road and bridge projects in Western Ontario. These investments will strengthen rural and First Nations communities and support economic growth.

The Government of Canada is investing over $13.2 million in these projects through the Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure Stream (RNIS), the Government of Ontario is contributing over $7.5 million, while municipalities and a First Nation community are contributing over $4.3 million.

Project Information:


Project Name

Project Details

Federal Funding

Provincial Funding

Municipal / Other Funding


Soper's Bridge Replacement

Replacement of the existing single-lane structure with a new two-lane, concrete girder bridge (including widening road approaches) to improve flow capacity and reduce flooding risk.





Bridge 0013 Replacement

Replacement of Bridge 0013 on Chepstow Road, east of Side Road 5 (including decommissioning and removing the existing bridge, construction of a new bridge and sidewalks, installing new guardrails, and rehabilitating roadway and approaches). This will improve flow of traffic and facilitate safe and reliable movement of people and goods.




Bruce County

Road 6 East A Reconstruction

Reconstruction of approximately 9.3 km of Country Road 6 East A; including alignment, shoulders, drainage, culverts, ditching, utility relocation, tree removal, and deck repair of two bridges with upgrading of guiderails, curbs, barriers, and approaches. This will provide a safer drive for County residents.




Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation

Roads and Culverts Reconstruction

Reconstruction of culverts and roadways (including cleaning and regrading ditches, relocating utilities, and applying measures to prevent erosion). This will improve road safety and reliability as well as prevent future flooding and road washouts.





8th Line Bridge Replacement

Replacement of the one-lane 8th Line Bridge with a new two-lane bridge (including guiderails). Better and safer travel for motorists and pedestrians.




Halton Hills

Improvements to Glen Lawson Road and Third Line

Upgrades to approximately 1.5 km of Glen Lawson Road and Third Line (Churchill Road South); including asphalt and grade improvements, enhanced signage, upgrading of guiderail system, and addition of a westbound cycling lane. Better and safer roads for bikers and commuters.





Moyer's Bridge Upgrade and McLean Road Reconstruction

Upgrades to Moyer's Bridge (including barrier installation, approach guiderail, and possible structure replacement) and reconstruction of part  of McLean Road/Concession 7 (from County Road 34 to the McLean Road/Concession 7 intersection). Safer roads for commuters.




Saugeen Shores

McEwing Bridge Replacement

Replacement of a one-lane McEwing Bridge over Mill Creek with a two-lane, structure and reconstruction of roadway; including reconstruction of approaches in both directions with wider lanes and shoulders, and added retaining walls. Improved traffic circulation and safer commutes for residents.




Grey County

Grey County Roads 3 and 4 Roundabout

Construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Grey County Roads 3 and 4 (including roundabout approaches, bike lanes, accessible pedestrian crossings, directional signage, and lighting). This will improve traffic flow, and safety for bikers and pedestrians.




West Grey

Lantz Bridge Replacement

Replacement of a single-lane, 15-m bridge with a wider, two-lane, wooden bridge (including removal of the existing structure, excavating and constructing a new bridge foundation, installing wooden girders and deck, and widening 40 m of the bridge approach). This will improve traffic circulation and safety and reliability of bridge the bridge for drivers.





Replacement of Structure 34/B-T9 over the Nith River

Replacement of a one-lane bridge with a new, two-lane concrete structure (including building a new foundation, abutments, and superstructure with a reinforced concrete deck and barrier walls; reconstructing roadway approaches; and applying erosion and sediment control measures). This will improve flow of traffic, safety, and reliability.




*The federal and provincial governments are each contributing the maximum share of eligible costs for these projects, which are 40% and 33.33% respectively as per the requirements of the Canada-Ontario Integrated Bilateral Agreement. Contributions from recipients may include both eligible and ineligible costs. Ineligible costs are expenditures that municipalities have chosen not to request reimbursement for or that cannot be reimbursed (e.g., property purchases, overhead costs). Cost sharing may differ depending on recipient.



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