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Helping Live-In Caregivers

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Helping Live-In Caregivers

McGuinty Government Takes Action To Protect Vulnerable Employees

Ministry of Labour

A ban on recruitment fees is among a series of new protections for live-in caregivers in Ontario.

Under new legislation passed yesterday, the government is expanding protections for some of the province's most vulnerable workers.  Key highlights include:

  • A ban on fees charged to live-in caregivers by recruiters, either directly or indirectly, or by anyone on behalf of a recruiter.
  • Preventing employers from recovering, directly or indirectly, recruitment and placement costs from live-in caregivers.
  • Prohibiting the practice of taking a caregiver's personal documents such as a passport and work permit
  • Prohibiting reprisals against caregivers for exercising their rights under the legislation.
  • Allowing live-in caregivers up to three and a half years to make a complaint - an increase from the current two year period under the Employment Standards Act, 2000.

Live-in caregivers will also get more information about their rights and Labour inspectors will have more authority to investigate violations based on tips.  All of these steps will help curb the abuse of foreign nationals who come to Ontario to work, including the practice of collecting placement fees for bogus job offers.

The new legislation takes effect once proclaimed by the Lieutenant Governor.

Quick Facts

  • In 2008, about 21,000 employees in Ontario were part of the federal Live-In Caregiver Program.

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“We have taken action to help ensure that foreign nationals who are live-in caregivers will have appropriate protections while working in the province of Ontario. While it is the federal government that is responsible for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, this new provincial legislation will enable us to do our part to protect these vulnerable workers.”

Peter Fonseca

Minister of Labour

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