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Ensuring The Safety Of Young And New Workers

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Ensuring The Safety Of Young And New Workers

McGuinty Government Committed To Eliminating Workplace Injuries

Ministry of Labour

The safety of young and new workers will be the focus of a four-month enforcement blitz across Ontario beginning in May 2010.

Health and safety inspectors at the Ministry of Labour will check to ensure young and new workers:

  • Are properly oriented, trained and supervised on jobs.
  • Meet minimum age requirements.
  • Are protected by safety measures to prevent injuries.

Particular attention will be focused on workplaces where many young and new workers are employed, including stores, wholesalers, restaurants and vehicle sales.

The blitz is part of the Ontario government's Safe At Work Ontario strategy. Keeping more workers safe means increased productivity for Ontario's economy and less strain on the health care system.

Quick Facts

  • Between 2004 and 2009, 27 young workers aged 15-24 were killed and 466 others were critically injured at work.
  • The highest number of lost-time-at-work claims for on-the-job injuries involved young workers employed in occupations such as sales and service, transport/equipment operators and labourers in processing, manufacturing and utilities.
  • Between April 1, 2004, and March 31, 2008, declining rates of lost-time workplace injuries avoided $5 billion in direct and indirect costs.

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“Young and new workers in Ontario are up to four times more likely to be injured during the first month on the job than at any other time. Ontario is committed to eliminating workplace injuries. All workers have the right to come home from work each day to their families, safe and sound.”

Peter Fonseca

Minister of Labour

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