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Minister of Labour Seeking Update From Deadlocked Parties

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Minister of Labour Seeking Update From Deadlocked Parties

Ministry of Labour

After months of intensive negotiations, talks between Vale and the United Steel Workers locals 6200 and 6500 have reached an impasse, mediator Kevin Burkett made public today.

The parties have been engaged in collective bargaining for more than 11 months.  Through these efforts, the parties were able to resolve all outstanding issues except one regarding a process to review the dismissal of eight employees during the strike.  On this one issue, it is clear that the parties have reached a deadlock.

The Minister of Labour will be contacting the parties immediately, and they will be asked to give an account on their inability to find a solution to this one remaining issue.

Quick Facts

  • The dispute between Vale and USW locals 6500 and 6200 involving approximately 3,500 workers began on July 13, 2009

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“I'm encouraged that the parties have been able to resolve their differences on all but one outstanding issue. In the interests of the families and communities affected by this long strike, I will meet with each of the parties by the end of the week, to hear directly why they have been unable to come to agreement on the one remaining issue.”

Peter Fonseca

Minister of Labour

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