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Safety Blitz To Focus On Young Workers

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Safety Blitz To Focus On Young Workers

McGuinty Government Helping To Keep Workplaces Safe, Prevent Injuries

Ontario is launching a four-month safety blitz to help protect new and young workers who are often vulnerable to hazards on the job.

Beginning May 1, health and safety inspectors will ensure employers are complying with regulations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and that young workers are:

  • Instructed, trained and supervised on jobs
  • Using proper safety measures, equipment and procedures to prevent injuries
  • Meeting minimum age requirements for the work they are doing.

Inspectors will focus on workplaces where many new and young workers are employed, including restaurants, landscaping sites, arenas, mills, nursing homes, low-rise construction projects and farming operations.

This is the fourth annual blitz focusing on new and young workers in Ontario.  Protecting young people on the job is part of the government's continued commitment to preventing workplace injuries through its Safe at Work Ontario strategy.

Quick Facts

  • Since 2008, Ontario's team of health and safety inspectors have conducted over 225, 000 field visits, issued more than 360,000 compliance orders and conducted 25 proactive inspection blitzes.
  • The safety enforcement blitz and awareness campaign will run from May 1 to the end of August.
  • Young workers (under 25) face a greater-than-average risk of injury
  • To report workplace health and safety incidents or unsafe work practices, 1-877-202-0008.

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“New workers need to know their rights and parents need to know their kids are coming home after work. We owe it to everyone to eliminate workplace injuries.”

Charles Sousa

Minister of Labour

“Our families are the faces behind the workplace statistics and we know that parents, sisters and brothers who have lost a young worker to a sudden and preventable workplace fatality are never the same. So today we are very grateful that the ministry has taken this step to help further protect Ontario young workers.”

Shirley Hickman

Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support (Threads of Life)

“Ontario is leading the way for young worker safety in Canada. As a business leader I am pleased that the Ministry of Labour is focused on a summer blitz that will protect the vulnerable in this province. Orientation and training is a good business investment for all young workers.”

Rob Ellis

Youth at Work

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