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Ontario Allows Retirement of Firefighters At 60

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Ontario Allows Retirement of Firefighters At 60

McGuinty Government Recognizes Commitment To Service And Hazardous Work

Ministry of Labour

A new law in Ontario will allow mandatory retirement at age 60 for the province's salaried firefighters.

Changes to the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, which passed in the legislature today, will help to standardize the retirement age across the province. This change recognizes the unique physical and hazardous work firefighters do to keep communities safe.

Most municipalities already include a mandatory retirement age for firefighters in their collective agreements. The new legislation will provide other municipalities two years to negotiate a new retirement provision.

The changes will only apply to salaried firefighters involved in frontline fire fighting duties.

A motion calling on the government to allow mandatory retirement of firefighters at age 60 was unanimously passed in the Legislature on March 10, 2011.

Quick Facts

  • The average retirement age for a professional firefighter in the province of Ontario is 57.
  • The legislation also allows firefighters who believe their local association is not representing them fairly to take their complaints to the Ontario Labour Relations Board -as is the practice with most other unions.

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Charles Sousa

“The fulltime firefighters who keep our families and communities safe do so with great bravery and dedication. They deserve our utmost respect. This new legislation recognizes their years of selfless service and the hazardous nature of the work.”

Charles Sousa

Minister of Labour

Jim Bradley

“We rely on our firefighters to keep Ontario's families safe, and now we have acted to recognize their health and safety needs.”

Jim Bradley

Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services

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