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Minimum Wage in Ontario

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Minimum Wage in Ontario

Ontario is increasing minimum wage to $11 per hour on June 1, 2014, giving the province the highest minimum wage in Canada. Ontario is acting on the recommendations put forward by the Minimum Wage Advisory Panel to ensure a fair, competitive, and predictable wage system for both workers and businesses in the province.

Minimum Wage Workers in Ontario

  • 9.3 per cent of all paid workers in Ontario earned minimum wage in 2012
  • 42 per cent were teenagers 15 to 19 years old and 20 per cent were young adults aged 20 to 24
  • 36 per cent were adults 25 to 64 years old, while three per cent were seniors
  • Women and recent immigrants are more likely to be working for minimum wage
  • 56 per cent were sons or daughters living at home, 23 per cent were in couple relationships and about three per cent were lone parents
  • 48.4 per cent are employed in large firms (over 500 employees)
  • 41.7 per cent of minimum wage workers are employed in small firms (fewer than 100 employees)
  • 9.9 per cent are employed in medium-sized firms (100 to 500 employees) 

Future Adjustments to Minimum Wage

 he province is introducing the Fair Minimum Wage Act that, if passed, will tie future adjustments to Ontario's Consumer Price Index (CPI). Rates would be adjusted by the percentage change in the CPI between the two previous years (i.e., in 2015, the percentage change between the 2013 and 2014 CPI would be applied to the 2014 minimum wage to calculate the 2015 minimum wage).

Annual adjustments would be announced on April 1 and come into effect on Oct. 1 of the same year. This change would be effective as of Oct. 1, 2015.

 Any adjustments that would result in an amount that is not a multiple of five cents would be rounded up or down to the nearest nickel. If an adjustment would result in a decrease in minimum wage rates, no adjustment would be made.

Implementation of Ontario's New Minimum Wage:


Implementation Date


Jan. 30, 2014

June 1, 2014


April 1, 2015

Oct. 1, 2015

$11 + 2014 CPI increase

April 1, 2016

Oct. 1, 2016

2015 minimum wage + 2015 CPI increase

Increases for Specific Job Categories:

Special minimum wage rates for specific job categories will increase proportionately to the general minimum wage.

Minimum Wage Rate


June 1, 2014

General Minimum Wage

$10.25 per hour

$11 per hour

Students under 18 and working no more than 28 hours per week

$9.60 per hour

$10.30 per hour

Liquor server

$8.90 per hour

$9.55 per hour

Hunting and Fishing guides

$51.25: paid this minimum rate for less than five consecutive hours in a day

$102.50: for five or more hours in a day whether or not the hours are consecutive



Homeworkers (people doing paid work in their home for a third-party employer; e.g. answering telephone calls for a call centre or writing software for a high-tech company)

$11.28 per hour

$12.10 per hour

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