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  • Labour Minister Wraps Up Successful Sudbury Tour

    SUDBURY - Ontario's government is working for the people in the North by investing in mine safety, taking steps to reduce red tape, attracting new investments and helping to create jobs as the province marks 90 years of mine rescue.

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  • Ontario Protecting Jobs and Investing in Northern Ontario

    SUDBURY - Ontario is putting people first by working to keep mine operations in Ontario and around the world safe and reliable for workers. The province is investing almost $2.6 million in a new, state-of-the-art, rope-testing machine that will put Ontario on the leading edge of mine safety and protect jobs for the next 25 years by ensuring accurate, timely testing of wire ropes used for lifting ore and other materials in mines. 

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  • Convictions for Toronto Employer's Failure to Obey Orders to Pay Wages

    Convicted: Academic Hospitality Inc. and its director Bradley Moore, for a company operated as Recess or Recess Diner; 8 Dovercourt Road, Suite 502, Toronto, Ontario. Workplace/restaurant address: 60 Sudbury Street, Toronto, Ontario.

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  • Ministry of Labour Continuing Digital Evolution

    Ontario's government is working for the people to help job creators by introducing a digital tool to help employers audit their compliance with the Employment Standards Act (ESA). The new digital self-audit tool can replace slow and cumbersome paper audits and will make it easier for businesses to comply with the Act and pay workers faster. 

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  • Ontario Protecting Those Working At Heights

    Ontario's government is working to keep those who work-at-heights safe. The government's working-at-heights training program is preventing worker injuries and saving business up to $36 million in health, lost productivity and other costs, says a study by the Institute for Work and Health. 

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  • Ontario Supporting Stable Labour Relations

    The Ontario government is working for the people to make it easier to access labour relations services and information by reducing onerous paperwork and red tape, while contributing to a stable labour relations climate.

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  • Injury at Peterborough Plant Results in $130,000 Fine for Nova Scotia Company

    Convicted: Ventra Group Company, a Nova Scotia corporation registered to conduct business in Ontario. Corporate address: 1969 Upper Water Street, 1300 PURD, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Ventra operates a plant at 775 Technology Drive in Peterborough which manufactures injection moulded plastic vehicle components.  

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