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2017-2018 Employment Standards Training and Education Program Recipients

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2017-2018 Employment Standards Training and Education Program Recipients

For 2017-18, Ontario is investing $508,000 in total across four projects to help raise awareness of employment rights and responsibilities through the Employment Standards Training and Education Program:

Canadian Franchise Association - "Employment Standards and Education Program for Ontario Franchised Businesses"

The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) represents more than 600 corporate members and over 40,000 franchisees nationwide. With 88 per cent of CFA's member brands having franchise units in Ontario, the association is well-positioned to provide resources to a large number of small business owners across the province.

Using the CFA's considerable reach, the project is aimed at increasing awareness of employer responsibilities under the Employment Standards Act (ESA). The project will develop materials, tools and resources - such as trade show booths, presentations and webinars - to reach out to employers. 

COSTI Immigrant Services - "Employment Standards - Life At Work"

COSTI is a multicultural agency that provides educational, social and employment services to help all immigrants in the Greater Toronto Area attain self-sufficiency in Canadian society. 

The proposed interactive educational program will focus on educating small- and medium-sized enterprises and vulnerable workers, including youth and immigrants, on the key elements of the Employment Standards Act.

The program proposes a tailored approach to reach each audience using a variety of targeted resources, including interactive in-person workshops, videos and interactive resources. 

Ontario Restaurant, Hotel & Motel Association - "Understanding the Employment Standards Act in Ontario's Hospitality & Tourism Industry"

The Ontario Restaurant, Hotel & Motel Association is the largest provincial hospitality association in Canada. The association has more than 4,000 members, representing over 11,000 establishments across the province. 

The project is aimed at raising awareness within the hospitality, accommodation, food service and tourism sectors of rights and responsibilities under the Employment Standards Act. 

The association is set to develop industry strategies and partner with tourism-related associations to develop a suite of sector-specific online tools, resources and in-person workshops. 

Workers' Action Centre - "Educating Vulnerable Workers and their Communities on their Rights under the ESA"

The Workers' Action Centre is a worker-based organization that aims to improve the lives and working conditions of people in low-wage and precarious employment. 

The project proposes to provide comprehensive and accessible information about, and build public awareness of, rights under the Employment Standards Act.

The information will be delivered through information sessions with community leaders, workshops to frontline staff at agencies serving vulnerable communities, presentations at conferences and events, community outreach and educational resources.

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