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Helping Ontario Non-Profit Organizations Transition to the WSIB's New Rate Framework


Helping Ontario Non-Profit Organizations Transition to the WSIB's New Rate Framework

The WSIB’s New Premium Rate Framework

The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) has announced a new premium rate framework.

The elimination of the WSIB's unfunded liability paved the way for a rate framework that  will help ensure businesses are paying a fair premium reflective of their industry and experience under a system that is simplified and transparent. 

The framework will mean an average 17 per cent reduction in employers' premium rates. Three quarters of businesses participating in the WSIB's workplace insurance system will see a rate decrease, one quarter will see a rate increase. 

Recognizing the Unique & Important Role Non-Profits Play

Non-profit organizations make important and unique contributions to our province, and in the lives of Ontarians.

The government understands that many non-profits are community-based organizations that operate with limited budgets. These organizations need affordable, fair and reliable workplace insurance.

Recognizing this the government requested the WSIB give consideration to non-profits. In response the WSIB froze scheduled non-profit premium increases for five years.

The new framework provides a one-year freeze on premium increases for all employers.

Non-profit organizations will be further assisted through a longer phase-in period that includes:

  • A five-year premium cap.
  • Gradually introducing any potential rate increases over a five-year period.

The extended total transition timeline for non-profits will be 10 years.

Under the extended transition timelines non-profit organizations will not see premium increases until 2025. All decreases in premium rates for non-profits will be applied in full each year.

More than 4,600 non-profit organizations are covered by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board. Of those approximately 2,700 were projected to see rate increases.

They include Legions, women's shelters, daycares, YMCAs, soup kitchens, art galleries, churches, addiction recovery centres, theatres, nursery schools, food banks, hospices, retirement homes, children's aid societies, animal shelters, charities, museums, rape crisis centres, and other non-profits. Another 1,600 will see their rates go down.

Ontario's not-for-profit sector is diverse and includes: the arts, child care and senior's centres, colleges and universities, conservation and environmental organizations, faith groups, Legion halls, soup kitchens, sports and recreation employers, and women's shelters.

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