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Small, Rural and Northern Municipal Infrastructure Fund Projects

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Small, Rural and Northern Municipal Infrastructure Fund Projects

Ministry of Rural Affairs

Projects in 21 communities have already been approved under the Small, Rural and Northern Municipal Infrastructure Fund based on their application to the Municipal Infrastructure Investment Initiative earlier this year.


Township of Adjala-Tosorontio

Bridge #9 will be replaced with a full two-lane bridge to improve safety and accommodate increased traffic flow.

Town of Aylmer

An aging watermain on John Street will be replaced with new,larger piping to reduce breaks, enhance fire safety and improve the water supply's reliability.

Township of Burpee and Mills 

Indian Road will be improved by widening the roadway, removing an encroaching rock outcrop, repaving deteriorating road surfaces and creating better site lines. Water flow will also be improved to better manage spring runoffs and eliminate flooding and washouts.

Town of Cobalt

The section of Lang Street that serves as Cobalt's main road will be rehabilitated to improve safety. The project includes removing and replacing a deteriorated retaining wall and road repaving. 

Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley

The Jellby Road Bridge will be replaced to improve traffic safety and accommodate increased truck traffic.

Foleyet (Local Services Board)

Foleyet's water distribution system will be upgraded to protect the quality of the water supply.

Town of Fort Frances

Above- and below-ground infrastructure at Second Street and Mowat Avenue will be rehabilitated and replaced to reduce traffic congestion and improve local water and wastewater services.

Township of Georgian Bay

Hasketts Drive will be rehabilitated to improve road safety conditions. The project will include road realignment and widening, replacing culverts, improving drainage and installing guard rails. 

Township of Greater Madawaska 

Flat Road will be realigned and repaved to improve driving conditions and enhance road safety.

Municipality of Hastings Highlands 

A portion of Madawaska Road will be reconstructed to meet current standards and improve road safety.

Township of Hilton

20th Side Road will be reconstructed to improve traffic flow and enhance road safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

City of Kingston

Corroded sections of the Ravensview trunk sewer will be repaired to protect the quality of the local water supply. 

Township of Larder Lake

A new Larder Lake Water Well will be developed to provide the community with a more reliable source of water.

Township of Matachewan

The Matachewan Water System will be upgraded and new water storage reservoir will be built to provide a more reliable water supply during fire emergencies.

Township of North Kawartha

Road safety on Jeff Road will be enhanced with improved sight lines, new guide rails and softened curves.

Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula 

Cemetery Road will be paved and widened to improve road safety.

County of Northumberland 

The CPR Overhead Bridge will be rehabilitated to align with federal standards and increase road safety.

City of Owen Sound

The combined sewer along 8th Street East will be replaced with separate sanitary and storm sewers to prevent overflow into Sydenham River and Owen Sound Bay and protect water quality and public health.

Sault Ste. Marie (City) and Prince Township

Four single-lane bridges that are over 90 years old will be replaced with two-lane bridges to enhance public safety and improve traffic flow by eliminating the need for load restrictions.

Town of Wasaga Beach 

Schoonertown Bridge will be widened to four lanes and will include new bike lanes to help reduce traffic congestion.

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