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Tourism Report Aims To Strengthen Industry

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Tourism Report Aims To Strengthen Industry

Discovering Ontario: A report on the future of tourism provides advice to the provincial government and the tourism industry on how Ontario can create jobs and build its economy by marketing itself as one of the world's best places to visit.  

The report proposes four targeted strategies and a number of key recommendations:
  • Changing how the Ontario government and tourism operators work together by:
    • Creating regional bodies to strengthen tourism in all parts of the province
    • Bringing more consistency to the collection of Destination Marketing Fees, which are currently applied differently in many parts of Ontario
    • Encouraging the creation of a strong, single industry association to represent all stakeholders in the tourism sector. 

 Establishing new globally competitive standards for tourism success by:

    • Creating new workforce education and training programs
    • Adopting exceptional service delivery standards
    • Working to make access to capital easier for small- and medium-sized tourism operators
    • Aggressively pursuing private sector investment in Ontario tourism
    • Providing support for the road, rail, waterway and way-finding infrastructures that allow visitors to travel to our high-draw tourism gateways
    • Continuing to invest in new and existing publicly operated attractions, such as Ontario Place, Ontario's parks and cultural attractions.

 Revitalizing tourism marketing with a regional focus by:

    • Promoting specific tourism attractions, products and regions to targeted niche markets under an Ontario brand umbrella
    • Focusing on new best-prospect international tourism markets like Mexico, Brazil and China
    • Improving online marketing and booking capabilities.



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