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Province Receives Review Of Niagara Parks Commission

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Province Receives Review Of Niagara Parks Commission

McGuinty Government Reviewing Recommendations To Strengthen Agency

Ontario is welcoming the recommendations included in the governance review of the Niagara Parks Commission.

The review, undertaken by an independent third party at the request of the Ministry of Tourism, provided advice on governance practices and recommended actions that the province and the Niagara Parks Commission can take to strengthen the agency's governance.  The ministry also commissioned an audit of the Niagara Parks Commission which concluded that the agency's procurement policies and leasing practices are generally consistent with best practices. 

To enhance openness, competitiveness, transparency and value for money, the audit report also recommended that the Niagara Parks Commission consider some improvements to its procurement practices and develop a formal written policy for revenue generating opportunities, including leases.

The province has also directed the Niagara Parks Commission to review its decision on the Maid of the Mist lease renewal, while considering the best practices highlighted by the governance review and audit.  The Board has been asked to report to the Minister this fall on the results of its review.

Quick Facts

  • The governance review was in response to a recommendation by the Integrity Commissioner in March 2009 to undertake actions to instil public confidence in the Niagara Parks Commission and its Board of Commissioners to provide robust and transparent oversight.
  • The Niagara Parks Commission was established in 1885 to control the lands and buildings immediately surrounding the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.
  • The Niagara Parks Commission is an operational enterprise agency that does not receive ongoing operational funding and functions with significant autonomy.

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“I welcome the report of the governance review and audit. It is important to ensure that our agencies employ sound practices that uphold Ontarians' confidence in the management of our public assets. I look forward to reviewing the results in greater detail and working with the Niagara Parks Commission to continue to enhance transparency and accountability within the Board, and the agency as a whole.”

Monique M. Smith

Minister of Tourism

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