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Ontario issues stop order to prevent further alterations or damage to century home

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Ontario issues stop order to prevent further alterations or damage to century home

McGuinty Government to Assess Potential Heritage Value

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Minister of Culture, Aileen Carroll, today issued a stop order to prevent further alterations or damage to 7 Austin Terrace, in Toronto.

The stop order gives the Province time to assess the building's potential cultural heritage significance while ensuring the building is not further altered or damaged.

Mayor Miller of The City of Toronto requested that the Minister intervene after the property owner removed numerous windows and architectural elements.  

Built by notable architect John Lyle and the former home of John Maclean, founder of Maclean's magazine, the home dates back to 1922 and is currently vacant.

The Ontario Heritage Act gives the Province and the City powers to protect buildings that may be of cultural heritage significance.

Quick Facts

  • The Minister of Culture may issue a stop order for any property to prevent alteration, damage, demolition or removal of any building or structure, if the Minister is of the opinion that the property: may be of provincial cultural heritage significance, and; is likely to be altered or damaged or a building on the property demolished or removed.
  • A stop order prevents alteration or demolition for up to 60 days pending assessment of provincial significance and which procedures, if any, should be undertaken to conserve the property.

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“This stop order prohibits further destruction of the building and allows the Province to assess its potential heritage significance. I want to ensure the building stays intact while the Province and the City of Toronto each considers the matter.”

Aileen Carroll

Minister of Culture

“This is an important step and I applaud Minister Carroll for her intervention. Residents have been asking for action and this order allows time for assessment and helps protect a building that the community feels strongly about preserving.”

Eric Hoskins

MPP St Paul's

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