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Celebrate Ontario Helps Over 230 Festivals And Events

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Celebrate Ontario Helps Over 230 Festivals And Events

McGuinty Government Supports Tourism And Family Fun In Local Communities

Ontario is supporting over 230 local festivals and events to help drive tourism, support jobs and generate economic activity.

This support will help festivals and events across the province enhance their programming and services to attract new audiences, increase visitor spending and create jobs.

Last week, the province proposed changes to its liquor laws that would remove beer tent barriers at festivals. This would provide Ontarians with a more enjoyable experience at local events - enabling them to move freely with a beverage to participate in all the activities on site.

Festivals and events give visitors new reasons and ways to experience Ontario. They also provide Ontario families and visitors the opportunity to enjoy accessible and affordable activities. Celebrate Ontario supports the province's Open Ontario Plan to strengthen our economy and create new opportunities for jobs and growth.

Quick Facts

  • Other changes to Ontario liquor laws also include: extending hours of special events from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. and making all-inclusive vacation packages available in Ontario.
  • Celebrate Ontario 2011 is providing $20 million to over 230 festivals and events. Since 2007, the province has invested $57 million through Celebrate Ontario to enhance almost 800 festivals and events.
  • In 2008 alone, tourism spending in Ontario was $22 billion and supported 300,000 jobs.

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“Tourism is a billion dollar business that supports over three hundred thousand jobs. Festivals and events play a key role in attracting visitors, supporting jobs, and generating economic activity while enhancing our quality of life in communities across Ontario.”

Michael Chan

Minister of Tourism and Culture

“When we enhance and improve our festivals and events, we ensure they increase their ability to attract both Ontario residents and visitors from out-of-province. Whether it is a festival engaging the local community or a world-leading best-in-class event, this generates significant incremental economic activity for the community where they are staged.”

Gary Masters

Executive Director, Festivals and Events Ontario

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