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Statement From Minister Chan On The Niagara Parks Commission's Boat Tour Land Lease

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Statement From Minister Chan On The Niagara Parks Commission's Boat Tour Land Lease

Earlier today the Lieutenant Governor in Council provided approval to The Niagara Parks Commission (NPC) to lease land to the preferred proponent selected through NPC's Request for Proposals. The land lease is related to boat tour operations at the Niagara Falls Gorge. Michael Chan, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport issued the following statement:

"The government thanks the NPC, its Chair and all of those involved in the competitive process for their dedication and hard work to complete this extremely complex and important task. 

Today marks the culmination of an extensive process to ensure that all interested parties had the opportunity to submit proposals through an open, fair and transparent competition.

My ministry appointed a Fairness Commissioner, a Procurement Advisor and a naval architect to work with the Commission to develop a Request for Proposals and to oversee the process to ensure fairness. The Fairness Commissioner has attested that the process was carried out fairly and that the procurement process included provisions to prevent unfair advantage and conflict of interest. This process has upheld our government's values of openness, transparency and accountability.

A competitive process has resulted in the land lease that provides Ontarians with better value for money.

It will help grow our economy, create jobs and offer exciting tourism experiences for Ontario families and visitors to Niagara Falls."

Details of the competitive process will be announced by The Niagara Parks Commission later this afternoon.

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