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Ontario's Creative Industries Continue to Thrive

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Ontario's Creative Industries Continue to Thrive

McGuinty Government Strengthening Creative Economy, Creating Jobs

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Ontario is building a more competitive creative industry by helping to drive sales, company growth and job creation across all sectors.

Through the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) programs, the government has made key investments in film and television, interactive digital media, book and magazine publishing and music production that have generated millions in revenues and created thousands of jobs.

Investments have resulted in:

  • 37,000 weeks of work in film projects worth $500 million.
  • 170 jobs in magazine publishing and $24 million in increased revenues.
  • 166 jobs in book publishing and $44 million in increased revenues.
  • 112 music industry jobs and $23 million in increased revenues.
  • 700 jobs and $56 million in reported revenues from interactive digital media projects.

Helping to build strong and competitive businesses in the creative industries is part of the McGuinty government's plan to create jobs and strengthen the economy.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario’s entertainment and creative industries support over 300,000 jobs.
  • Ontario is home to approximately 1,000 interactive digital media companies, employing 16,000 people and generating almost $1.2 billion in revenue.
  • Film and television production accounted for close to 30,000 direct and indirect jobs and contributed almost $1.3 billion to Ontario’s economy in 2011.
  • Many Ontario television series, including the recently-concluded Flashpoint, have been sold in over 100 international markets.
  • Ontario’s broader live music sector generates $455 million in revenues and contributes $252 million to the Canadian economy.

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“Ontario is home to a wealth of cultural assets and creative talent that has earned us the international reputation as a preeminent film-making centre and live music destination. Our government is proud to support the success and sustainability of our creative sector and partner with artists, musicians and music industry to build an innovative creative economy that showcases Ontario on the world stage.”

Michael Chan

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport

“The OMDC Music Fund enabled us to create our very own digital download store — the first in Canada — which got us press in Billboard magazine. The Fund enables us to punch above our weight, to do more and with greater intensity.”

Jeffrey Remedios

President and Co-Founder, Arts and Crafts

“The resources and financial support producers have access to in Ontario is the envy of content creators around the world. As a conscientious investor, the OMDC immerses itself into the thinking behind each project ensuring that taxpayers are contributing to the growth and development of our industry and lending a hand in building viable businesses.”

Mark Bishop

Co-CEO and Executive Producer, marblemedia

“We would probably not be in digital publishing without the OMDC Book Fund. Now we are doing conversion, we have better metadata, everything really that is involved in selling books digitally and in creating digital books. As a small press, we maintain our viability by being careful. But we leveraged the Fund to take on more risk.”

Margie Wolfe

Publisher, Owner and President, Second Story Press

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