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Designing the Urban Park and Waterfront Trail at Ontario Place

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Designing the Urban Park and Waterfront Trail at Ontario Place

Public Consultation

A key element in the design of the park and trail project is consultation with Ontarians. In addition to four public meetings, the public can provide input online at key stages in the design process.

The first public meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 4, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. This first meeting will provide an overview of the project and environmental assessment, and will give the public the opportunity to meet the project and design teams. Visit www.ontario.ca/myontarioplace to learn more about how to participate and contribute. 

Design Team

LANDinc and West 8, working in partnership, have been chosen as the successful firm to design the new urban park and waterfront trail at Ontario Place. 

LANDinc is a progressive, integrated firm with extensive experience that includes local and international work involving parks and recreation, open space, trails, streetscapes, urban design, ecological restoration and world-class waterfronts. LANDinc has offices in Toronto, Halifax, and Abu Dhabi; its Team Lead Landscape Architect is based in Toronto. LANDinc has had long-standing involvement in the design and implementation of Tommy Thompson Park on Toronto's waterfront, as well as projects across Canada, including the Parliament West Sector Area Master Plan for Parliament Hill in Ottawa and the Never Forgotten National War Memorial in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  

West 8 is an award-winning international design firm providing urban design and landscape architecture since 1987. West 8 has extensive experience in large-scale urban master planning and design, landscape developments, waterfront projects, parks, squares and gardens. West 8 is based in the Netherlands, with offices in Belgium and New York.  West 8 has designed renowned parks and public spaces in major cities around the world, including Governors Island Park in New York and Jubilee Park in London, United Kingdom. In Toronto, West 8 has designed the award-winning central waterfront plan now under construction along the waterfront.   

Infrastructure Ontario launched an open, fair, and competitive procurement process with the release of a Request for Proposals (RFP) on Sept. 6, 2013. Submissions were received from landscape architecture firms, mainly from Ontario, but also from the United States and Europe. Following an extensive evaluation of the submissions against the criteria set out in the RFP, LANDinc and West 8 received the highest score.

Working Collaboratively

The province is working closely with its project partners, Infrastructure Ontario and Waterfront Toronto, to achieve excellence in the design of the new urban park and waterfront trail at Ontario Place. 

Infrastructure Ontario is responsible for delivering and managing the park and trail project, which includes oversight for design and construction procurements, implementing the environmental assessment, and project management during the construction phase. Infrastructure Ontario has a solid track record of delivering some of the province's largest and most complex infrastructure renewal projects.

 Waterfront Toronto has been engaged to leverage their expertise in delivering beautiful parks and public spaces along Toronto's waterfront. Waterfront Toronto will manage the design process and public consultations. Since 2004, Waterfront Toronto has opened or improved 23 parks, covering 59 hectares on Toronto's waterfront.

LANDinc and West 8 will present the park and trail design to Waterfront Toronto's Waterfront Design Review Panel at key stages in the design process. The mission of the panel is to provide objective, professional advice to designers, developers and governments to ensure that high-quality design. The panel is made up of leaders in architecture, landscape architecture, engineering and planning.

Environmental Assessment

An environmental assessment is being conducted to identify and address potential effects of the project on the natural, built and social environments and will involve public and stakeholder consultation.

Infrastructure Ontario is conducting a Category B Class Environmental Assessment under the Ministry of Infrastructure Public Work Class Environmental Assessment.  

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