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The Four Funding Streams of the Ontario Music Fund

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The Four Funding Streams of the Ontario Music Fund

The Ontario Music Fund is driving growth and innovation in the province's music industry by supporting music companies, organizations, home-grown talent and other businesses in Ontario's live and recorded music sectors.

In 2014, the Ontario Music Fund is providing 108 grants to support music companies in the following streams:

Music Company Development - 39 grants

This stream helps build competitive, sustainable, music companies in Ontario. It provides Ontario-based music companies with funding to support new or expanded business activities, such as recording and production. This stream supports:

  • Domestic music companies in increasing or enhancing their recording and production activities, domestic and international marketing and promotion initiatives, touring and showcasing, and business development. Recipients are Ontario-based domestic record labels, music managers, music publishers and artist-entrepreneurs, with annual eligible revenues of over $100,000.
  • Multinational record labels with Canadian headquarters in Ontario, to increase their investment in Ontario jobs and talent. Funding is aimed at driving the production and marketing of Canadian artists and attracting established foreign international artists to record in Ontario.

Music Industry Development - 22 grants

This stream is designed to strengthen and develop the economic and cultural growth of the music industry in Ontario. Funding supports strategic initiatives with long-term impacts on the growth and sustainability of the industry. These activities include new projects and approaches to music training, professional development, digital innovation, export growth, industry events and group marketing.

Recipients are music industry associations and organizations, consortiums of music companies and industry organizations, and music business training institutions.

Music Futures - 26 grants

This stream stimulates entrepreneurship and provides support to leverage Ontario's diverse and emerging music. It supports artist entrepreneurs and small music companies that have the potential to develop professionally with business mentoring, skills development and/or enhanced investment to expand their recording, touring or audience-building efforts.

Recipients include small record labels, music publishers, music managers, music promoters, music presenters, booking agents and artist entrepreneurs with annual eligible revenues between $35,000 and $100,000.

Live Music - 21 grants

This stream accelerates the growth of Ontario's live music sector by expanding the presentation of live music by local artists and providing audiences with more opportunities to enjoy Ontario talent. This includes increasing the presence of Canadian artists at festivals and in venues across the province.

Support will be used to increase:

  • The number and calibre of live music acts in Ontario -- from high-end, signature music events to grassroots, year-round access to music -- that will contribute to increased tourism and job creation across the province.
  • Opportunities for new and emerging home-grown artists to perform in domestic and international tours by supporting local promoters and booking agents.

Recipients include music promoters, music presenters and booking agents.

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