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A Summary of Ontario's Culture Strategy

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A Summary of Ontario's Culture Strategy

Ontario's first Culture Strategy is guided by a vision and principles that reflect the values of Ontarians. Its goals and actions will support culture across the province.

A vision for culture in Ontario

The Culture Strategy's vision is, "An Ontario where every person has the opportunity for creative expression and cultural participation, and where the diversity of our stories and communities is reflected, valued and celebrated, now and as part of our legacy to future generations."

Guiding principles

The Culture Strategy includes six principles to guide government support for culture. The principles emphasize:

  1. The importance of creativity and innovation
  2. The contribution of culture to quality of life and economic development
  3. Diversity and inclusion
  4. Respect for Indigenous peoples
  5. Collaboration and partnerships
  6. Public value and accountability.

Goals and actions

The Culture Strategy sets out four goals to strengthen culture in Ontario, as well as actions to help achieve the goals.

Goal 1: Promote cultural engagement and inclusion

Remove barriers and increase opportunities for cultural participation

Key actions include:

  • Increase inclusion and access to government culture funding and remove barriers for people with disabilities and people who are Deaf.
  • Develop a new fund to support publishers in creating learning resources aimed at fostering the use of diverse Canadian content in schools.
  • Build on partnerships to increase opportunities for children and youth to engage with arts and culture.
  • Support youth cultural camps in Indigenous communities to build leadership skills and awareness of traditional knowledge
  • Establish a new Indigenous Cultural Revitalization Fund to revitalize cultural practices, raise awareness of the vitality of Indigenous cultures in Ontario and promote reconciliation.
  • Collaborate with Indigenous peoples in an ongoing dialogue to address culture priorities.

Goal 2: Strengthen culture in communities

Strengthen community-based arts, culture and heritage

Key actions include:

  • Maximize the use of public libraries, museums, galleries and other culture facilities as community hubs.
  • Support conservation of heritage buildings by leveraging opportunities for energy efficiency improvements through Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan.
  • Review and update provincial funding programs for public libraries, community museums and heritage organizations to help these organizations provide modern services to patrons and visitors.
  • Provide additional information and tools to assist municipalities and communities to identify and protect their cultural heritage.
  • Connect people and communities by sharing and celebrating our diverse heritage and cultures.

Goal 3: Fuel the creative economy

Maximize the contributions of the creative economy to Ontario's cultural vitality and economic prosperity

Key actions include:

  • Continue to support live music and interactive digital media, key growth sectors.
  • Work with the film and television sector to examine priority issues facing the industry and collaborate on strategies to promote innovation and expansion.
  • Seek opportunities to grow the culture sector within the framework of the province's Business Growth Initiative by working with partner ministries to foster innovation and scale up companies.
  • Organize a digital culture symposium for all culture sectors to help address digital challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.
  • Create opportunities to enhance technical and business skills training for cultural workers.

Goal 4: Promote the value of the arts throughout government

Enhance the profile of the arts sector across government for the benefit of the sector and all Ontarians.

Ontario will promote the contributions of artists and the broader arts sector throughout the government with an Arts Policy Framework. The framework will help increase awareness of the size, scope and diversity of Ontario's arts sector and of the many opportunities available to integrate the arts into a range of policy and program areas.

The framework will provide a toolkit of facts about Ontario's arts sector, links to key sector organizations and associations, best practices and case studies, information on monitoring and measuring outcomes and links to additional resources.

Moving forward

In five years, the government will publish a progress report on the Culture Strategy. This will allow the province to take stock of what has been accomplished and what needs to be achieved.

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