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Support for Ontario's Culture Strategy

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Support for Ontario's Culture Strategy

"I am honoured to have been part of the Culture Strategy Advisory Group where so many unique and different perspectives were represented - and proud to have contributed to the development of the province's first Culture Strategy. The strategy reflects the many ideas we heard during the consultation process, and it creates a strong vision for the future of arts and culture in Ontario."

-- Jane Hilton, President, Ontario Library Association and member of the Culture Strategy Advisory Group

"The Architectural Conservancy of Ontario is more than pleased to see monies going towards retrofits of Ontario's heritage building stock, as highlighted in the Culture Strategy. Traditional buildings and traditional building technologies are simple, based in local practice and ultimately as green as it gets!"

-- Catherine Nasmith, Architect, Architectural Conservancy of Ontario

"A robust and diverse cultural ecosystem is critical for all Ontarians. The Culture Strategy engagement process was inclusive, comprehensive and ambitious. It resulted in a Culture Strategy that is inspiring and achievable and that recognizes the breadth of our cultural talent and aspirations."

-- Chris McDonald, President, Hot Docs and member of the Culture Strategy Advisory Group

"WorkInCulture applauds the ministry for the new Culture Strategy, which recognizes the value of the arts and culture sector and empowers it to be innovative and grow in a rapidly changing market. The strategy will support and strengthen the sector so that it has an even greater impact as a driver of economic growth and a contributor to quality of life across the province."

-- Diane Davy, Executive Director, WorkInCulture

"The Canadian Publishers' Council is very pleased to work with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport on this effort to improve availability of Canadian authors' work in Ontario. We can all agree that more Canadian content available to Ontarians of all ages is a good thing."

-- Kevin Hanson, President and Publisher of Simon & Shuster, and President of the Canadian Book Publishers Council

""We need more Canadian authors read by all Ontarians, and we're very pleased that the government of Ontario is going to provide assistance to us accomplishing that goal. We believe that Canadian-authored literature supports cultural appreciation and understanding and creates lifelong reading interests for long after school is over."

-- David Caron, President Ontario Book Publishers Organization's board of directors 

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