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Ride Safely Both On And Off The road

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Ride Safely Both On And Off The road

McGuinty Government Reminds Riders To Stay Safe This Holiday Weekend

Ministry of Transportation

Ontarians will be on the move this holiday weekend - and that includes nearly 300,000 off-road vehicle riders. This long weekend, the McGuinty government is reminding on- and off-road riders to ride safely.

Last year in Ontario there were 27 all-terrain vehicle-related fatalities. Alcohol was a contributing factor in at least half of these collisions.

According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, off-road vehicles are among the top three causes of sports and recreation-related severe injuries during the summer months. Youth are especially at risk: every year, teenagers make up the highest number of hospital admissions following off-road vehicle collisions.

Quick Facts

  • Off-road vehicle riding is getting more popular in Ontario. Latest statistics show that between 1996 and 2005, the number of registered off-road vehicles has increased by over 128 per cent.
  • Impaired off-road vehicle riding is a criminal offence that carries the same fines and penalties as impaired driving: both will affect your driving record and insurance rates.

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“Many Ontario families will be hitting the trails this long weekend - which for some will be the first ride of the season. Make this weekend memorable for all the right reasons by staying safe.”

Jim Bradley

Minister of Transportation

“Most injuries are both predictable and preventable. As we move into the first long weekend of the summer, we encourage all Ontarians to enjoy the outdoors, be active and stay injury-free.”

Margarett Best

Minister of Health Promotion



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