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Support for the Countering Distracted Driving and Promoting Green Transportation Act, 2008

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Support for the Countering Distracted Driving and Promoting Green Transportation Act, 2008

Ministry of Transportation

"Doctors know all too well the consequences of driving while distracted. The evidence is clear: driving while using a mobile phone is dangerous. We are pleased that Ontario is taking action to protect the lives of drivers, passengers and everyone who shares the road."
 - Dr. Ken Arnold, President of the Ontario Medical Association

"Driving requires the full attention of all vehicle operators. Using hand-held devices can have tragic consequences as drivers do not have both hands on the wheel and they are not paying full attention to what they're doing. As communication devices utilized in vehicles become more common, the risk to public safety increases. This legislation will not only remind people of their driving obligations, it will also provide appropriate tools for the police when circumstances warrant enforcement."
 - Chief Ian Davidson, President of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police

"There is growing evidence that the use of wireless devices while driving is a major cause of preventable injury on our roads - both here in Canada and around the world. With new wireless devices coming out on the market every day, this is a much-needed law and we applaud the government for taking action."
- Bob Baker, President and CEO, SMARTRISK Canada

"Distracted driving has been a concern to our members for a number of years. The CAA is pleased to see that our government leaders are listening to them in the proposed piece of legislation."
- Kris Barnier, Provincial Affairs Specialist, Canadian Automobile Association

"The Ontario Provincial Police supports any legislation that will make the province's highways safer. Distractions of any kind put all motorists at risk."
- Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino

"Mobile technologies have dramatically increased our ability to multitask at home and work and now unfortunately in our cars. And it's happening despite clear evidence that most motor vehicle accidents are caused by driver error. Anything that takes away from one's focus on safe driving should be avoided."
- François Boulanger, president and CEO, RBC General Insurance Company



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