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Specialty Plate Makes It Easy To Spot A Veteran

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Specialty Plate Makes It Easy To Spot A Veteran

McGuinty Government Salutes The Courage And Sacrifice Of Ontario's Heroes

Ministry of Transportation

The poppy on the licence plate on the car in front of you has extra significance around Remembrance Day.

Designed to commemorate the courage and sacrifice of all veterans, the plate features a red poppy flower with the word "veteran" underneath. The poppy has symbolized remembrance of the sacrifice of our soldiers since 1921.

Ontario's veteran licence plate is currently the province's most ordered speciality licence plate, with almost 30,000 issued since they were first offered in 2003.

Ontario veterans can exchange current plates or obtain new plates for a $5.00 administration fee payable to the Royal Canadian Legion (http://www.on.legion.ca/default.asp), for verifying eligibility.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario's speciality plate program includes more than 55 graphic choices. Plate selections include everything from the trillium flower to Ontario professional sports teams, munity organizations and universities.
  • In honour of their courage and sacrifice GO Transit will offer veterans free all day travel on Remembrance Day.

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“Veterans licence plates remind us that we live in peace and freedom thanks to the sacrifices made by our veterans and their families.”

Jim Bradley

Minister of Transportation



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