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Ontario To Permit Low-Speed Vehicles

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Ontario To Permit Low-Speed Vehicles

McGuinty Government To Set New Safety Standards For LSVs On Public Roads

Ministry of Transportation

Ontario will permit low-speed vehicles (LSVs) equipped with additional safety features to be driven on public roads, under rules to be released this winter.

Low-speed electric vehicles can be driven safely on public roads as long as they include a number of additional safety requirements and follow appropriate road restrictions, according to a National Research Council study released today by the Ontario government.

The study recommends that LSVs driven in traffic with faster, heavier vehicles should be equipped with the safety features that Quebec mandated in its recently announced pilot project, and that Ontario consider requiring other safety measures.

Currently available LSVs are designed only for use in controlled environments - such as parks and college campuses - because they do not meet federal passenger car safety requirements. Ontario also intends to allow federally compliant LSVs to operate in controlled environments. A regulation authorizing this use will be made in the new year.

Quick Facts

  • LSVs are four-wheeled vehicles powered by an electric motor and battery. They produce no direct emissions and can reach a maximum speed between 32 and 40 kilometres per hour.
  • Electric passenger cars that meet all 40 federally-mandated passenger car safety and equipment standards are currently allowed on Ontario roads.

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“LSVs are a new kind of vehicle and it will take a new set of standards to allow them to be safely driven on Ontario roads. Based on the study results, and after consulting with manufacturers, municipalities and stakeholders, we plan to announce LSV safety standards and the rules of the road for LSVs this winter.”

Jim Bradley

Minister of Transportation

“Those of us in the electric vehicle business appreciate the province's commitment to getting LSVs on the road, and its commitment to consult with the industry before making the final rules. Ontario is moving in the right direction.”

Mike Elwood

Azure Dynamics; Chair, Electric Mobility Canada

“We're comfortable with the intent and direction of today's announcement. We are pleased that Ontario is moving forward with solid research in hand.”

Brian Patterson

President, Ontario Safety League



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