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Safety Features Of Low-Speed Vehicles and Passenger Cars

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Safety Features Of Low-Speed Vehicles and Passenger Cars

Ministry of Transportation

Low-speed electric vehicles (LSVs) are an environmentally-friendly 
optionfor travel because they produce no direct greenhouse gas
emissions. They are powered by an electric motor and battery, and
can reach a maximum speed of 40 kilometres per hour.

LSVs look like small passenger cars but are actually designed and federally certified for use in controlled environments, such as parks and gated communities.

Electric passenger cars are already permitted on public roads in Ontario, provided they meet federally mandated passenger car safety and equipment standards.

Current LSV federal safety standards

The federal standards that LSVs are currently required to meet are:

  • Seatbelt assemblies
  • Windshield
  • Other features such as headlights, mirrors, reflectors and parking brake.

Federal passenger car safety standards

To protect passengers on busy public roads, every passenger car traveling in Ontario must meet 40 additional federally mandated safety and equipment requirements that are not required of LSVs, including:

  • bumpers
  • seat belt assembly anchorages
  • driver impact protection
  • occupant protection
  • side door strength
  • occupant restraint systems in frontal impacts
  • tether anchorages for child safety seats.

For more information about federal requirements for passenger cars and other classes of vehicles, read Transport Canada's Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations web page.



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