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Gas Tax Fuels Better Public Transit

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Gas Tax Fuels Better Public Transit

McGuinty Government Investments Strengthen Economy, Get People And Goods Moving

Ministry of Transportation

Provincial support through the gas tax is allowing transit systems to increase hours of service, expand routes, and upgrade transit infrastructure.

This year, 89 municipal transit systems, serving 111 municipalities, will share $321 million in gas tax revenue to improve public transit. Better transit means more Ontarians than ever are leaving their cars at home.

Since 2003, when the province reinstated its support for public transit:

  • Transit ridership has increased by 102 million passenger trips
  • The number of car trips has been reduced by 85 million, reducing traffic congestion allowing people and goods to move more quickly
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from cars have been reduced by an estimated 350,000 tonnes

Since 2004, municipalities have received more than $1.3 billion in gas tax funding.

Quick Facts

  • Ontarians took almost 735 million trips on municipal public transit in 2007, according to the Canadian Urban Transit Association. Riders took another 51 million trips on GO Transit that year.
  • More than 22,000 Ontarians are employed by transit systems.
  • According to the American Public Transit Association, every dollar invested in public transportation generates an average of $6 in economic returns.

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“Gas tax funding helps municipalities deliver public transit in communities across the province. Our record investments in public transit strengthen Ontario's economy by helping people get to work, school, and shopping, while reducing gridlock.”

Jim Bradley

Minister of Transportation

“The Ontario Public Transit Association is very pleased with the support and commitment to public transit demonstrated by the Province as evidenced by this announcement. The successes of the first four years of the program have been clearly demonstrated through significant ridership increases across the Province.”

Norman Cheesman

CEO, Ontario Public Transit Association



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