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Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area Transit Implementation Act, 2009

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Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area Transit Implementation Act, 2009

Ministry of Transportation

The Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area Transit Implementation Act, 2009 is Ontario's transit proposal for creating a single agency and a regional network for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).  The proposed legislation fulfills the original intent of the act that created Metrolinx in 2006.

The proposed legislation brings together the strategy and planning expertise of Metrolinx and The Big Move regional transportation plan it developed, with GO Transit's strong track record in the delivery and implementation of rapid transit projects and in managing and developing GO bus and rail networks.

Ontario helped pave the way for the implementation of The Big Move with a commitment of $744.2 million in the 2008 Budget to fund all of Metrolinx's Quick Win projects.

A board of directors with professional and corporate experience in customer service, planning, law and financing large capital projects is a model found with other large transit agencies around the world.  

The proposed legislation requires Metrolinx to be guided by the regional transportation plan to ensure those projects in the plan are built expeditiously.  The province would, if legislation is passed, be able to issue the Transportation Planning Policy Statements for guiding transportation planning at the municipal level.

Key Elements of the Proposal

  • GO Transit and Metrolinx merge into a single transit agency to build more transit faster. 

  • Ontario taxpayers, through Metrolinx, to own selected new regional transit infrastructure.  Ontario would have greater control of valuable transit assets funded largely through the provincial government.

  • Up to 15 members on board of directors for new organization draw on professional and corporate experience to implement a regional transit network.

  • Transition advisor and Transition Advisory Board support merger and help bring two organizations together.

  • Minister of Transportation issues transportation planning policy statements based on Regional Transportation Plan and municipalities to align transportation plans accordingly.

  • Metrolinx consults with all municipalities in the GTHA on any changes to the plan.



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