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Longer Trucks Will Benefit Economy, Environment, Road Safety

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Longer Trucks Will Benefit Economy, Environment, Road Safety

McGuinty Government Approves Pilot Program; Includes Restrictions On Use

Ministry of Transportation

Up to 100 vehicles will take part in a pilot program allowing commercial operators to pull two full-sized trailers.

Known as Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) transport trucks, these vehicles transport light, bulky goods more safely, more economically, with less greenhouse gas emissions. LCVs have been on the road in western Canada, Quebec, and more than 20 American states for decades.

The pilot program will include restrictions on where and when the vehicles can travel, what they can carry and harmonizes Ontario and Quebec's trucking regulations. Ontario's safety rules will exceed those in most other jurisdictions.

The program is the result of consultation with public safety and municipal stakeholders, as well as representatives from the trucking and manufacturing industries.

Quick Facts

  • Studies show that LCVs were involved in 60 per cent fewer collisions than single trailer trucks.
  • The one-year pilot program involves member carriers from the Ontario Trucking Association and Private Motor Truck Council of Canada. Vehicles may only be operated by qualified drivers carrying a special LCV Driver Certificate.

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“We are taking a careful look at long combination vehicles to test their benefits. The additional advantages to our environment and economy would be welcomed.”

Jim Bradley

Minister of Transportation

“This is a good thing for Ontario’s retailers and manufacturers. LCVs will reduce transportation costs, fuel consumption and emissions associated with truck transportation.”

Bob Ballantyne

President of the Canadian Industrial Transportation Association

“We have worked closely with the Ministry of Transportation to ensure the LCV pilot considers road user safety.”

Bill Grodzinski

OPP Chief Superintendent



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