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Here's What Ontario's Road Safety Partners Are Saying

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Here's What Ontario's Road Safety Partners Are Saying

Ministry of Transportation

"OSAID has always been a strong advocate for Zero BAC for all teen and novice drivers. With recent statistics showing the vehicle crash rate to be 79 per cent higher among youth 19-22 years of age, then legislating Zero BAC for this group is a logical step in helping to reduce death and injury caused by impaired driving within this demographic. Reducing the number of impaired driving crashes will also help decrease the emotional devastation on their respective friends and family members"

- Matt Evans, Executive Director, Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving


"CAA has a long-standing commitment to prevent impaired driving and promote greater safety on Ontario's roads. We are encouraged by and support the Ministry of Transportation's new initiatives in these areas."

Nick Parks, President and CEO, CAA South Central Ontario


"Impaired driving remains a leading cause of fatalities in Canada. The provision of zero tolerance for young drivers sends a strong message that drinking and driving will not be tolerated. The option for ignition interlock has been shown to be extremely effective in dealing with recidivism of impaired driving vs a routine driving suspension."

Larry Beechey, Deputy Commissioner, Traffic Safety and Operational Support Ontario Provincial Police 

"Too many young lives are lost as a result of impaired driving crashes. With the extension of the Zero BAC restriction to age 21, Ontario is making a strong commitment to improving the safety of its young drivers."

- Andrew Murie, Chief Executive Officer, MADD Canada

"MADD Canada has long supported the use of alcohol ignition interlocks as a tool to stop impaired driving. Ontario's new interlock sanctions put an emphasis on rehabilitation for first-time offenders, and that is a valuable opportunity to reach these drivers early and change their behaviour so they do not re-offend."

- Margaret Miller, National President, MADD Canada

"Insurance Bureau of Canada applauds the government for implementing these initiatives, which aim to protect young drivers and further reduce drinking and driving. Ontario's auto insurers support any program that improves the safety of our roads and saves lives."                                     

- Ralph Palumbo, Vice-President, Ontario, Insurance Bureau of Canada.

"The Road Safety Act gives police better enforcement tools to protect younger, less experienced drivers. The new measures will help police get drinking drivers off our roads to make them safer for all drivers."  

- Supt. Earl Witty, Co-Chair, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, Traffic Committee


"arrive alive DRIVE SOBER supports programs and materials that prevent impaired driving. For 22 years we have met and hosted an annual campaign and organized annual conferences and workshops all with a goal of eliminating impaired driving. We hope these new measures will further reduce the involvement of young people in fatal and serious crashes on our roads."

- Anne Leonard, Executive Director, arrive alive, Drive Sober

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