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Minister Kathleen Wynne Stands By PRESTO

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Minister Kathleen Wynne Stands By PRESTO

Ministry of Transportation

The TTC's recent focus on a duplicate fare system is troubling and a complete waste of precious taxpayer dollars.

The PRESTO card allows transit riders around the GTA to transfer seamlessly with one card from GO Train to bus or streetcar or subway, anywhere in the GTA.  And best of all, the PRESTO system is also being developed to accept other cards -- like debit or credit cards.

It's a smart system that connects us and makes the daily commute just a little easier. Already 7,600 commuters are using their PRESTO cards, and 500 more are joining every week.

The city and TTC made a commitment to PRESTO many times.

Gas Tax funding was provided to GTA Municipalities, including the City of Toronto, with the requirement that they participate in the PRESTO fare card system, provincial funding towards the cost of the City of Toronto's replacement streetcars is also conditional upon the City's full participation in PRESTO and we've communicated to the City that the 182 light rail vehicles for the four Transit City projects in Toronto must be PRESTO ready.

There are a lot of investments to make in public transit, and a lot of improvements to be made at the TTC.  To waste money on a duplicate fare system makes no sense.

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