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7-Day Vehicle Impoundment

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7-Day Vehicle Impoundment

Ministry of Transportation

Ontario is making our roads safer by impounding the vehicles of motorists who drive with a suspended licence and for those who drive while impaired starting on December 1st, 2010.

7-Day Vehicle Impoundments

Motorists caught driving with a driver's licence that is already under a specific HTA suspension(s).  These include:

·         Driving while suspended

·         Administrative Driver Licence Suspension (ADLS)

·         Warn range Blood Alcohol Concentration from .05 to .08

·         Failure to complete remedial measures

·         Street racing

·         Default on family support payments

·         Novice driver violations

·         Demerit point accumulation; and

·         Other HTA sanctions such as careless driving

Drivers required to have a vehicle ignition interlock device who are found driving without such a device.

Drivers with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over 80 mg or who fail/refuse to comply with a demand made by a police officer for a breath sample under the Criminal Code of Canada.


Giving Police More Tools To Impound Vehicles


Simply suspending a licence is not always enough. Many suspended drivers insist on getting behind the wheel despite not having a valid licence. In fact, research suggests that up to three quarters of suspended drivers continue to drive. This legislation forces them off the road immediately by impounding the vehicle they are driving. 

Once a police officer has established that the vehicle is subject to impoundment the driver will be given a notice of impoundment by the police officer. The vehicle will then be immediately towed to an impound yard for seven days. The vehicle owner must pay the towing and storage costs before the vehicle will be released.

Commercial Vehicles

If the driver of a commercial vehicle is caught driving under an HTA-related suspension, including default of family support, the vehicle will not be subject to a 7-day impoundment if the driver has been suspended for less than 100 days.

Commercial vehicles will be subject to the 7-day impoundment under the following circumstances:

·         The driver's licence has been suspended for 100 days or more;

·         The driver has a blood alcohol level over .08; or,

·         The driver is in violation of an ignition interlock requirement.