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Making It Easier For RV Drivers To Enjoy Summer

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Making It Easier For RV Drivers To Enjoy Summer

McGuinty Government Saving RV Owners Time And Money

Ministry of Transportation

Starting July 1, drivers can tow recreational vehicles (RVs) if they have a full class G licence. This will make it easier for Ontarians to travel this summer and save RV owners about $200 in initial licence costs.

Until now, Ontario drivers have needed a class A licence to tow RVs that weigh more than 4,600 kg. With this change, Ontarians can tow and operate RVs with a full class G licence as long as:

  • The combined weight of the motor vehicle and RV is not more than the current 11,000 kg limit
  • The RV is attached to the motor vehicle by a fifth wheel hook-up
  • Only one vehicle is being towed
  • The RV meets Transport Canada manufacturing standards
  • The RV is being towed for personal use only.

These changes will make it easier for Ontarians to travel with RVs, support the province's RV industry and promote tourism, while keeping our roads the safest in North America.

Quick Facts

  • Drivers must have a full G licence, not a G1 or G2.
  • This change aligns Ontario with driver's licence requirements for RVs in 41 U.S. states and six Canadian provinces and territories.
  • This change for towed RVs is also consistent with the current requirements for operators of motor homes.
  • The Ontario Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association will provide voluntary orientation and training to the purchasers and owners of large, towed recreational vehicles to further support road safety.
  • The number of fatalities from motor vehicle collisions in Ontario was the lowest ever recorded, according to the most recent statistics.

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“Summer is a very popular season for the RV community. This timely change will make it easier for RV operators, will promote tourism and the overall RV experience in Ontario, while keeping our roads safe.”

Kathleen Wynne

Minister of Transportation

“This is the best thing to happen to the RV industry in Ontario in many years. Economically, it opens up a whole new wave of sales and marketing opportunities in the province. The Ontario Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association and its 221 members are delighted with this change as it will improve the RV experience both at home, in Ontario, and wherever Ontario residents travel with their RVs”

Larry Boyd

Executive Vice President, Ontario Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association.

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