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Building Better Roads and Transit Spurs Jobs In Ontario

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Building Better Roads and Transit Spurs Jobs In Ontario

McGuinty Government Boosting Economic Activity And Creating Over 17,000 Jobs

Ministry of Transportation

Ontario's investments in highways, roads, bridges and public transit construction projects are strengthening the province's economy and creating thousands of jobs.

By the end of this year's construction season, 14 bridges will have been built, 99 will have been repaired and 1,281 kilometres of highway -- the equivalent of driving from Toronto to Thunder Bay -- will have been built. The Province's total investment in 224 highway projects this year is on track to create 17,000 jobs.

A number of GO Transit infrastructure projects have also been completed.  These projects created nearly 100 jobs and added 1,645 new parking spaces for commuters at GO stations in various communities.

The McGuinty government is working to grow the economy of the future by creating good jobs for families in the face of global economic uncertainty. Building better roads, bridges and transit is part of this plan -- creating and supporting jobs for Ontarians while strengthening local economies.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario is using new construction practices and green technology whenever possible, including: rapid bridge replacement, which can turn a year of work into one day; recycled pavement; and recycled and shredded tires for bridge embankment fill.
  • Ontario has more than 16,500 kilometres of highway and approximately 2,800 bridges.
  • Since 2003, Ontario has invested over $14 billion to design, repair and expand provincial highways and bridges across the province along with $6.1 billion to improve GO Transit service and expand routes.

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“In the face of economic uncertainty abroad, Ontario's record investment in transportation infrastructure is creating thousands of jobs across the province that will help boost our economy. While economies elsewhere have slowed, Ontario's is pressing forward.”

Bob Chiarelli

Minister of Transportation, Minister of Infrastructure

“The Ontario government's continued investment to improve and expand the GO system makes it easier for commuters to choose public transit when traveling within the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). Our strong transit system provides a safe, reliable and convenient transportation option.”

Gary McNeil

President of GO Transit

“Our government's investments in highways and transit infrastructure keep our roads and bridges safe, keep people and goods moving more efficiently, and create jobs across the province that help boost our economy.”

David Zimmer

MPP, Willowdale

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